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Hi, I'm Zach Lucas.

I am a software developer who loves programming, music, and gaming.

I am a graduate from Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON. I have developed multiple software prototype solutions for Mohawk College.

I am also a proud member of Mohawk’s leadership group, mo-crew, and a prominent member of the Video game development club at Mohawk College.

I am currently an employee at Levitt-Safety. I work within there IT department doing development projects for there internal purposes as well as maintain there salesforce org and company e-commence website.

If you are interested, you can view some of my projects down below.


a few technologies I've been working with

Python 5years
Java 5years
C# 5years
JavaScript 5years
HTML 5years
PHP 5years
jQuery 5years
SQL 5years
node.js 4years
Apex 2years
Visual Basic 1 year
ReactJS 1 year
X-Code 1 year
Vue.js 1 year
C++ 1year


Public projects I was leading or participating in

Kerry On – Hackathon

May 31 - June 2, 2019

The Kerry On project was developed by a team of 6 people during a Duel City Hacking Health 2 day Hackathon on 05-31-2019 to 06-02-2019. The idea was to create a virtual assistant to help the elderly have an incentive to go out and be involved with the community. This was meant to help deal with the problem of social isolation that many elderly people suffer from. It also had the added benefit of make more services easily accessible to the elderly.
Our project won the People's Choice Award for the event.

Project lead: Marilyn Powers.
Lead Developer: Zach Lucas.
Animator/Developer: Ben Jackson.
Designer: Gabriela Covaci.
Other Team members: Deborah Devine, Julia Goyal

The Bear Coin – VR Interactive Story simulation

September 2018 - May, 2019

This project was created for the Hamilton public library and Mohawk College. The goal of this project was to bring a children’s story to life inside of a Virtual Reality simulation in hopes of getting kids more interested in reading stories. The story recreates the first 2 chapters of the book, The Bear Coin. The environment includes trigger based animations activated by the user, with movable props and other stationary assets like a zip-line and a climbable playground designed by animators.
Project Manager/Lead Animator: Geoff Graham.
Animator: Editable Paul Kemp.
Developer: Zach Lucas.

NICU Android Application

February - April, 2019

The Neonatal Nurseries is an application that is used by new parents who have a child emitted to the NICU. The app will allow the parents to track their baby’s information to help give some them peace of mind. This application was contracted by McMaster Children Hospital’s NICU department and was given to my team as a half-working prototype. We were tasked with finishing the application and getting it ready for deployment by the contractor. The application is finished and is currently waiting for approval from the client’s legal team before it can be deployed to the app store.

Project Lead: Zach Lucas.
Developer: Tran Sang, Brad Alfano.

Project Code Blue

February - April, 2019

Project Code Blue is a prototype project contracted by Hamilton Health Sciences through Mohawk College. The project is a record keeping web application to be used by a code blue team during a Code Blue scenario (in case of adult cardiac arrest) in a Hospital. The project was well received as a prototype and may be continued by another group to complete the project. We created a replica database for the project to make integration easier should the project be continued.

Project lead: Zach Lucas.
Web Developers: Daniel Booker, Justin Fallis.
Database Engineer: Jorden Verner.

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